I took up photography at school when given a large paper bag full of of out-of-date rolls of Black&White film, and then had to join the school's Photographic Society to learn how to develop & print them; the magic of it stuck. Wherever I went, from my teens on, I recorded what happened, and loved capturing the emotions of the couple and the guests at weddings and other social events, first as a guest, and then as the photographer.

I relocated to India with my family for 7 years, and whilst captivated by the dramatic sights in India it was the beautiful scenery here in Ireland that my whole family missed, and on our return I took time to go back around the country and try to do it justice with my camera - it's become a never-ending challenge. Photography is immensely important to me, and I can't imagine life without a camera to hand, and sharing the results with others.